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September 2013

“We have the inherent right to self-determination and the right to govern ourselves. We have a distinct identity reflected in a distinct system of laws and government, philosophy, language, culture, heritage, values, customs, traditions, beliefs and territory.

Eeyou Istchee transcends the territorial boundaries of the Province of Quebec, extending into other borders.

We do not accept the status quo regarding our present relationships with Quebec and Canada. Cree consent is required and mandatory for any changes to our status as Eeyou or the status of Eeyou Istchee.

As Peoples with a right to self-determination, we shall freely decide our political status and associations and freely pursue our future as a people.

We will assert and defend our inherent right of self-determination and the protection of Eeyou and Eeyou Istchee.”

- From the GCC-CRA Annual Report 2010-11, Eeyou Istchee Declaration of Principles

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I am questioning my every post.

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Pulled an all-nighter to finish an essay. It was productive. Went to work with success. We did some math with success. Need to go to the post office and pick up a package. Need to finish my second essay. 

I am tired.

This is old age.

Epic cover to play on a sunny afternoon in.

Essay/ back/ distraction solutions.
(I post this on my way to pick up a set of bongos and recording mic.)

Generally speaking, though, Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure. Ours is an entertainment-seeking nation, but not necessarily a pleasure-seeking one. Americans spend billions to keep themselves amused with everything from porn to theme parks to wars, but that’s not exactly the same thing as quiet enjoyment. Americans work harder and longer and more stressful hours than anyone in the world today. But… we seem to like it. Alarming statistics back this observation up, showing that many Americans feel more happy and fulfilled in their offices than they do in their own homes. Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure). Americans don’t really know how to do NOTHING. This is the cause of that great sad American stereotype—the overstressed executive who goes on vacation but who cannot relax.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love


Zack Seckler - Botswana, 2009

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Film roll no. 7: Eeyou Istchee spring, 

March 2013 to May 2013

1. James Bay sunset just out of Wemindji, QC

2. First pitch.

3. First pitch.

4. James Bay, NU just out of Chisasibi, QC

5. Team trek to Nunavut.

6. Team trek to Nunavut.

7. Team trek to Nunavut.

8. Annie Whiskeychan Day in Eastmain, QC.

9. Annie Whiskeychan Day in Eastmain, QC.

Development of film was extremely delayed.

If love wants you; if you’ve been melted
down to stars, you will love
with lungs and gills, with warm blood
and cold. With feathers and scales.
Under the hot gloom of the forest canopy
you’ll want to breathe with the spiral
calls of birds, while your lashing tail
still gropes for the waves. You’ll try
to haul your weight from simple sea
to gravity of land. Caught by the tide,
in the snail-slip of your own path, for moments
suffocating in both water and air.
If love wants you, suddenly your past is
obsolete science. Old maps,
disproved theories, a diorama.
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[essay season]

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BOOTS - Alright

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